Stefan’s musings

Free Software I wrote

  • Faber

    Faber is a modern, platform-agnostic build tool, which I have been developing, originally as a new Python frontend to Boost.Build, but which has meanwhile developed a life of its own…

  • OpenVSIP

    OpenVSIP is a high-quality implementation of the VSIPL++ standard, originally developed by CodeSourcery as Sourcery VSIPL++.

  • Synopsis

    Synopsis is a multi-language source code introspection tool that provides a variety of representations for the parsed code, to enable further processing such as documentation extraction, reverse engineering, and source-to-source translation.

    I started the project as a support tool for Fresco, but it quickly turned out that its capabilities would provide the means to do far more, so it spun off and began to develop a life of its own.

  • QMTest

    QMTest is an automated software test execution tool. It started its life as an entry in the testing category of the Software Carpentry competition (of which it emerged as the winner). These days the tool is used in areas as different as GCC unit testing as well as benchmark execution.

    I have been contributing to its development, but these days am mostly only maintaining it.

  • Roundup

    Roundup is an issue tracking system. It, too, emerged as the winner to the Software Carpentry design competition.

    I have been contributing to the project over the years to various degrees.


    Boost is a collection of C++ libraries, to a high degree targeted at eventually becoming part of the C++ language / library specification.

    I am maintaining the Boost.Python library, a tool to help generate C++ - Python language bindings. I also keep a Boost.XML library alive in the sandbox, despite not finding enough time, energy, and courage, to submit it for formal review. Finally, I have contributed to boost.wave, a C/C++ preprocessor library, as I would like to use it as backend to the Synopsis Cpp processor.

  • Fresco

    Fresco is a structured graphics - based Windowing System. It evolved out of a research project at Stanford University.

    Fresco’s development has been stalled for a couple of years.

  • SCons

    SCons is a software construction tool. As Roundup and QMTest above, it, too, was the winner of the Software Carpentry competition in its respective category.

    I have contributed to this project in the past, and in particular, mentored a student as part of the Google Summer of Code 2007 project, to add support for portable packaging.

Beside active involvement into the above projects, I have made various contributions (ranging from patches to cheerleading) to the following projects: