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C++ Boost


Faber is a construction tool. Its main focus is the construction of software, i.e. the process of building (compiling, linking), testing, and packaging of code, though it is by no means limited to that usage, as all the fundamental concepts have been designed with genericity and extensibility in mind.

Faber is portable, as it provides process and tool abstractions that operate on all major platforms. This abstraction supports a common division of labour, as platform specialists can implement and extend specific tools (e.g. compilers), while application developers can focus on the higher level build logic needed by their projects, without having to become an expert in all the platforms they want to support.

Faber can be used as a library. It is possible to embed all of faber into other code, for example to provide alternative (graphical) frontends. It can also be extended, for example to support additional output formats (say, to generate test reports).