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QMTest is a cost-effective general purpose testing solution that can be used to implement a robust, easy-to-use testing process. QMTest runs on Windows and on most UNIX-like operating systems including GNU/Linux.

Code that has not been tested adequately generally does not work. Yet, many applications are deployed without adequate testing, often with catastrophic results. Even defects that are detected before deployment are often detected late in the release cycle, resulting in costly delays.

QMTest's extensible architecture allows it to handle a wide range of application domains: everything from compilers to graphical user interfaces to web-based applications. QMTest can easily compare test results to known-good baselines, making analyzing test results far simpler. And, because QMTest runs on virtually all operating systems, you can use it with your entire product line.

Features and Benefits

Graphical user interface for easy test creation and execution Parallel test execution for maximum use of available testing hardware Extensible plug-in system permits use in wide variety of application domains Automatically compares test results to find regressions Runs on all popular operating systems

Supported Environments

GNU/Linux, Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, etc.


QMTest is available under the GNU General Public License.